Gurpreet Chana :: The Tabla Guy
A musician, technician, composer and performer,  Gurpreet and his music juxtaposes the time-honoured tradition of the tabla with a dizzying array of musical styles.  Weaving the hypnotic sounds of the tabla drums into the fabric of various  music, he spreads its rhythmic pulse like a meme with each fresh cultural integration.

Born in Etobicoke and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, a student of the tabla since the age of three, Gurpreet Chana is trained in the Punjab Gharana
(style) and studies with Professor Parshotam Singh.  His musical explorations stem from diverse experiences growing up as a Tabla student while immersed in the changing contemporary chapters of Canada.  At a time where genres collided openly and playfully, he embraced the tabla as his means of being heard in those creative conversations.

This innate tendency towards collaboration has led Chana to stages across the world, and into the studio alongside a notable roster of artists including Nelly Furtado, Tanya Tagaq, Niyaz, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Jorane, Kiran Ahluwalia, DJ Starting from Scratch and legendary UK
DJ/producer Bally Sagoo.  Alongside these artists and others he honed his playing and a groundbreaking digital fusion technique known as tablixing, his unique form of tabla integration using custom digital software.

kLoX, his creative partnership with classical violinist Robert Mason, expanded on the concept, as the pair borrowed from tech house, drum 'n' bass and dubstep to interrogate the relationship between classical instrumentation and digital composition.  

Tangentially, an intensive period of R&D saw Chana embrace his inner engineer and instigate the relationship between tabla and electronic interface ever further.  His latest chapter in this multilayered narrative: TABLIX, is a breathtaking integration of tabla and technology, TABLIX is an exploration of the melodic potential of the tabla, blending the ergonomics of the traditional with the infinite possibilities of the digital to create a new mode of artistic expression.

Chana has also nurtured into one of  leading proponents of the Hang (pronounced Hung) a percussive and melodic from Switzerland instrument that blends acoustics of the Steelpan from the Caribbean with the hollow bass of the South Indian Ghatam and Nigerian Udu drums.  

His musical narrative is on the everlasting quest to engage in melodic conversations en route to deeper understanding of the self & others.